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Getting to know Loctrade Sdn. Bhd.

Loctrade, established in 24th June 2000, is a young company with tremendous potential in ironmongeries industry.


Through unremitting efforts for years, currently we are the wholesaler and importer offering wide range of door fixtures including high quality of locks, various types design of lever handle set, different sizes of hinges and other door accessories such as door stopper, door closer, door viewer and so on.


To play a good role as a importer, we import varies brands from varies countries to suit your needs such as Frascio from Italy; Mestre and Bronces Valerie from Spain; Rollexus from Taiwan; Dufix, Premier, Pro-safe and Loc Guard from China. Most of our products’ quality are certified by ANSI Grade & EN standard. Furthermore, we giving warranty for our products minumum 3 years up to lifetime. (terms & conditions apply)


As a leading supplier in Malaysia market, we have successfully introduce Saf-Link™ system. Saf-Link™ system is a lock access programme with multi-level master key system. Our system is able to link with all diferent styles of locksets such as handleset, knobset, leverset, dead lock, mortise lock and even padlock.


Our aim is to be establish ourselves as project market player as well.

Over the years, we establish ourselves as retails wholesaler. Now, our aim is to be establish ourselves as project market player as well.


To be most complete
architectural hardware product
in the industry.

Loctrade Door Lock Malaysia