Frequently Asked Questions


How many types of locks are you trading? +

Basically we are trading for American mortise lock, European mortise lock & bored lock. Nevertheless we do trade for door accessories.

What is mortise lock? +

A mortise lock is one that requires a pocket—the mortise—to be cut into the door which the lock is to be fitted in.

What is bored lock? +

A bored lock is one in which two holes are bored, perpendicular to one another, into the door. A large hole is bored into the door face and a smaller cross bore hole is bored into the door edge. Technically bored lock divides into three types: Cylindrical Lock, Tubular Lock & Deadbolt.

What is the different of entrance, privacy and passage lock? +

Entrance, privacy & passage mean the function of the lock. Normally entrance lock use on entrance door which include keyed cylinder, privacy lock use on bathroom door which do not have keyed cylinder; and passage lock is use on the door which do not lock and used in hall or closet doors.

How many finishing you have? +

We have six different types of finishing. They are:
1) Stainless Steel
2) Satin Nickel
3) Polish Brass
4) Antique Brass
5) Antique Copper
6) PVD

What is the difference of Polish Brass & PVD? +

They look almost the same! But PVD offer better &longer lasting coating compared with Polish Brass.

Where can I buy your products? +

At all major locksmith, door retailers & furniture fitting hardware stores. If you still can’t get one, no worry. Just send in your email or call us at 03-3342 1323.

Do you provide installation service? +

The installation is simple. Just follow the installation instructions which you can find in packaging.

Is security strong enough just with one bored lock? +

It is depend to type of lock you are using. But here we do have an optional for you to increase security:
We recommend the deadbolt lock which works well bolting the door into its frame. Although no locks is 100% guarantee to keep out all intruders, however you can reduce the likelihood of intruders that all exterior doors are fitted with some form of deadbolt locks.

What other accessories I can use for my door? +

A complete door should install with a lock and 2-3 hinges. You can increase the security by add-on deadbolt, door viewer, door guard, door chain or door bolt. There are so many different choices. Other than security, some accessories will help you to hold the door, close the door or prevent collision between door and wall. For example magnetic door stopper, door closer and door stopper will meet the above demand.

What do I need to know to replace my current door lock? +

Firstly, you need to know your door thickness and what types of lock you are replacing (Mortise or Bored lock?).
For bored lock, you need to know the measurement of backset –the measurement from door edge to center of cylinder. Standard backset will be 60mm or 70mm. And you need know diameter of the bored so that you can choose a bored lock which its rose can cover it up.
For mortise lock, besides knowing your backset measurement, center to center measurement is important – the measurement from center of lever handle to center of cylinder. Mortise’s lock backset & center to center measurement will be vary, it is difficult to determine the standard of measurement. However, this involved a lot of technical skills, it is better you contact us for more accurate information.

What if I lose my keys? Do I have to change all the locks in my house? +

If you are purchase the locks from us & applied to our Saf-Link™ safety system. Just show us your invoice, we will duplicate the keys for you, or else we can reset the key cylinder at substantial cost.

What is Saf-link™ system? +

Saf-link™ safety system is a lock access programmed with multi-level master key system. For more details on Saf-link™ safety system, you may refer to home > support > Saf-link™

I cannot find my answer in your FAQ +

You are encouraged to call us at 03-33421323. We are happy to serve you.

Why should I choose your products? +

We offer assortment of lockset ranging medium low, medium to high end from various suppliers to cater for your choice or requirement on flexible budgets. However most of our brands are able to link with Saf-link™ Safety System.

How to determine products’ quality? +

You can choose some that are being standardized by American National Standard Institute (ANSI). With this standardized, you will be able to get a good quality lockset. This rating is being categorized into Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3.
a.) Cycle test for Grade 1 is 800,000
b.) Cycle test for Grade 2 is 400,000
c.) Cycle test for Grade 3 is 200,000

Others international certification just to name a few are UL Standard; Warrington UK Standard; TUV Standard; CE Standard; BS Standard; EN Standard; BHMA Standard & ISO Standard.

What is dummy? +

You can use as door pull or as dummy trim on inactive leaf of pair of doors.

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