T83B-3030/3535/4040/3545/4535-LN/LT/LA CYLINDER – SINGLE CYLINDER

Product Information


Technical Data

Made in Spain. Reversible dimple key with open key blank distribution.



  • Enhance Saf-link Safety System for higher security protection.
  • High precision cylinder caters for complex master key system.
  • Construction key hole available to override missing keys or when contractor hand over the existing keys to property owner after construction is completed.
  • Various size (60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 35+45mm, & 45+35mm) available of Euro Profile Cylinders for different range of doors.

***Only 80mm, 35+45mm, & 45+35mm Euro Single Profile Cylinders not provide Antique Brass colour.

Finish Options

LN:                                  LT:




  • Type: Dimple key. (Nickel silver).
  • NO. of rows: 2
  • NO. of pins: 8
  • Combination level: Grade 6
  • Corrosion resistance: Grade B.
  • Anti pick cylinder lock.
  • Drill resistant.
  • Bump proof model.
  • Lifespan: 100,000 test cycles.
  • 3 keys per cylinder.
  • Conform to EN-1303 regulation


Master Key Systems

The eight position chambers and the possibility of varying side pins makes T80 the most suitable option for those master key systems where the number of key functions is large and the copy control is not required.



  • Use TESA lubricant to lengthen the maximum lifespan of the cylinder.
  • Use original keys to make copies.
  • For safety reasons, when you select a new cylinder, remember that once installed, it should not project more than 1mm.


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