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Quality-assured concealed overhead door closer

ITS 900 Cam-action door closer is designed and manufactured to high quality standards to meet the growing demand for an economical solution of high performance concealed overhead door closer with standard features.

The compact design of the closer body and slide-channel arm assembly allows it to be installed in the door or frame, making it virtually invisible; and depending on the door construction, it can be used on almost any type of door with a thickness of 45mm or more. ITS 900 offers all the benefits of advanced technology with the proven heart-shaped can which ensures that the closing and opening of the door are easy to use for everyone.

ITS 900 provides the reliability and quality which all DORMA products are well-known for.



  • For the trade
    • Hassle-free ordering and inventory management – Closer body (non-handed) and slide-channel arm assembly in one box for ease of handling


  • For the installer
    • Ease of installation – Compact concealed cam-action (non-handed system) door closer with identical mounting position for both size 3 and size 4.
    • Easy adjustment of the two closing speeds separately.


  • For the architect/specifies/designer
    • Innovative engineering and design by DORMA.
    • Compliance with statutory requirements for barrier-free building (C UL US Listed).
    • Unblemished appearance of prestige doors – concealed installation.


  • For the user
    • Barrier-free with DORMA Easy Open technology – Easy access for all users and for children, senior and the physically-disabled.
    • Convenience and Comfort – optional hold-open devide and cushioned limit stay. Enhanced protection againts vandalism – cencealed installation.


Engineering at Its Best for East Access

Engineered by DORMA, the inventor and leader of cam-action door closer, ITS 900 conceal door closer ensures
that the door can be opened with exceptional ease for effortless access. The compact ITS 900 can be installed for complete visual concealment in the door and frame. The system is optimally designed with selective strengthening of the closer body and a slim slide
channel. At the same time, it offers the same level of user convenience expected from high-quality door closer, combined with a wide range of functionality. Its slender inclined body means that it can be easily installed in virtually all doors with a leaf thickness of 45mm or more, while it can operate doors of size 3 or size 4 with the same mounting locations. It offers easy adjustment with two independent valves.


Moment profile

An ITS 900 Cam-action Door Closer (Size 4)

Finish Options

Only Satin Nickel:



Valve Adjustment for Solid Closing Performance

The first and second closing speeds of the DORMA ITS900 can be adjusted at any time, even after the door has been hung.

  • Valve for adjusting the first closing speed (115o – 15o)
  • Valve for adjusting the second closing speed (15o – 0o)



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