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Uncompromising Technical Sophistication

The DORMA ITS 96 has ushered in a new era in door closer technology. The closer body and slide channel are so compact that they can be installed out of sight in doors and their frames. These devices offer the same high quality expected of DORMA door closer, as characterized by their ease of operation for the user, and wide range of functions.

Thanks to the exceptionally slender dimensions of the unit, the DORMA ITS 96 can be installed in virtually all doors with thicknesses of 40 mm or more, and offers all the advantages of quality assured manufacture with third-party auditing.

Certified to ISO 9001.



  • For the trade
    • Low inventory costs and reduced stocking requirements thanks to streamlined modular system and separate packaging of closer body and slide channel assemblies.
    • Tailor-made applications with special accessories.


  • For the installer
    • Non-handed system.
    • Can be incorporated within the door pre-fabrication process, allowing complete installation in the factory.
    • Easy adjustment of the closing strength, closing speed and latch action after hanging of the doors.


  • For the architect/specifier
    • Unblemished appearance of prestige doors thanks to concealed installation.
    • Ideal for doors integral to the interior design.


  • For the user
    • Optimum protection against vandalism thanks to the concealed installation.
    • Enhanced user convenience and fully controlled, reliable closing with adjustable latch action.
    • Cushioned limit stay with progressive damping for protection of wall and door.

Finish Options

Only Satin Nickel:


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Extra components that require to install together with DRM-ITS96 (Optional):



  • EN 2 – 4
  • EN 3 – 6


F Approval Certification

The DORMA ITS 96 is approved by the State Material Testing Authority, Dortmund, in accordance with EN 1154 A. Additionally, the model size EN 2 – 4 and EN 3 – 6 has CERTIFIRE approval (CF.140) for use on timber FD30 and FD60 doors (code ITT), when installed with the approved in tumescent gasket set for FD30 or FD60 supplied by DORMA UK. The length, width and height of mortice for the body and slide channel must be increased by 2 mm to accommodate the gasket on  30 minute doors and 4 mm on the channel only for 60 minute doors. The ITS 96 has 4 hour CERTIFIRE approval for metal doors.


Specification text

Cam-action door closer integrated in the door leaf or frame, tested to EN 1154 A, with rapidly decreasing opening torque/force. Closing strength, closing speed and latch action adjustable. Non-handed, with slide channel…


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