Product Information

High-tech for The Global Market

The TS 90 Impulse combines technical superiority with outstanding value, and unites advanced design with convenient functionality – all on the basis of its heart-shaped cam.

With its installation versatility and inherent functional reliability, it is ideal for virtually any application.

TS 90 Impulse: Certified to ISO 9001



  • For the trade
    • Unique DORMA cam action technology for the entry-level segment, compliant with EN 1154.
    • Complete package for easy stocking.
    • Sets new standards to open up new markets.


  • For the installer/fabricator
    • Easy to fix without mounting backplate.
    • Non-handed.
    • Four installation arrangements with one model
    • Proven DORMA quality for long service life.


  • For the architect/specifier
    • Proven technology of the heart-shaped cam.
    • Cost-efficient slide channel door closer for interior doors.


  • For the user
    • Convenient, low-resistance opening with fully controlled closing.
    • Two regulating valves for precise adjustment of closing speed.
    • Available with hold-open and cushioned limit stay options.


Force Profiles

Force profile TS 90 Impulse (Spring strength: EN 3)

The heart-shaped cam and the linear drive mechanism of the TS 90 Impulse ensure that the resistance encountered decreases almost instantly with the door opening action – so even children, the elderly and people with disabilities have no problem in opening the door. User-friendly and reliable closing is also ensured by the delayed increase in the actuating torque at the “latching” end of the sweep.

Finish Options

Only Satin Nickel:


***In the case of particularly heavy doors and doors that have to close against wind pressure, we recommend the DORMA TS 93.



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