Product Information



  • Easy-Use: No Hard-wiring or software required one-touch lock/unlock buttons on remote
  • Versatile: Multiple user codes & remote controls program multiple lock from one remote controls
  • Security: remote control offers secure identification using rolling code technology

Finish Options

Satin Nickel:                 Polish Brass:



  • Operate with radio frequency function or key (optional)
  • Excellent quality products for extra security suitable for interior or exterior doors
  • Can add up to 10 different user codes and 10 different remote controls*
  • Able to program multiple locks operate from the same remote control (s)
  • Programmer code ensures that only authorized users can add or delete entry codes
  • Adjustable faceplate fits 2 3/8” (60mm) or 2 3/4” (70mm) backsets
  • Fits standard door sizes 1 3/8”- 1 6/8” (35-44mm) and standard bore holes 1 1/2” – 2 1/8” (38-54mm)
  • Backlit keypad for easy to use at night
  • Keypad will sound alarm and lock for 30 seconds after four consecutive incorrect codes are entered
  • Audio / visual warning alerts user when battery is low
  • Automatic lock can be programmed to re-lock the door 15 seconds after entry


* Includes 2 remote controls with 20’ (6m) range. Depends on the needs, user may add up to ten individual remote controls. Additional remote control can be sold separately.


Loctrade Door Lock Malaysia