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Made in Spain.

STRASS® Swarovski® Crystal

The legendary brilliance and variety of STRASS® Swarovski® Crystal have turned it into a symbol of highest quality in interior and lighting design.

An Unique Brand

STRASS® Crystal extract the most beautiful colours from light! They bathe living spaces in brilliant light and bring them to life. The irresistible brilliant of STRASS® Crystals is the result of years of experience, constant innovation and technical perfection. STRASS® Crystals are the original product from Swarovski! Designers and manufacturers throughout the world insist on using original STRASS® Crystal.

“Always striving to improve” is the principle behind Swarovski’s growth and is the basis for the success of STRASS® Swarovski® Crystal. The highly specialised cutting machines, originally invented by Daniel Swarovski, have been continually perfected, just like all other areas of the crystal manufacturing process. Only by making use of all the available technical solutions can we guarantee the precision cut of the STRASS® Crystals. The ongoing STRASS® Crystals and opens up creative opportunities.

The product range includes more than 1000 STRASS® Crystals in the widest possible variety of shapes, colour and sizes. Their ability to create an unique atmosphere in any living space is why famous manufacturers of lighting, furniture and other interior accessories, together with interior  designers and other artists from all over the world, insist on STRASS® Swarovski® Crystal.

Original STRASS® Crystal products are immediately identifiable because of their laser-engraved STRASS® signature and the intense kaleidoscope of colours they produce. Lights decorated entirely with STRASS® Crystals are further labelled with the special STRASS® certificate. Find a list of all of the STRASS® Partnershops worldwide.

Finish Options

Gold:                             Antique Brass:



Solid Brass

M.H: 85mm


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